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  • Weevil-Cide Fumigation
  • Eco2Fume Fumigation
  • Postharvest Fumigation
  • Warehouse Fumigation
  • Railcar Fumigation
  • Recirculation Fumigation
  • Tarp Fumigation
  • Grain Sampling
  • Grain Inspection
  • Rodent Control
  • Empty Grain Bin Pretreatment
  • Fogging
  • General Pest Application
  • Indian Meal Moth Pheromone Trapping
  • IGR Dust and IGR Liquid



Grain Fumigation

The Proven Postharvest Fumigation Solution

ProFume gas fumigant is a cylinderized gas fumigant labeled to control all life stages of insects and rodents in structures used to store, process and transport most raw and processed commodities. Registered in all 50 states and in 18 countries, it is based on proven sulfuryl fluoride chemistry, manufactured in the United States by Douglas Products and meets Codex standards for international trade.

A versatile fumigant for use on stored raw agricultural commodities, processed foods, animal feed and feed ingredients.  Weevil-Cide protects against the most destructive pests, such as grain-boring insects, moths, weevils, beetles, and burrowing rodents.  For trusted protection and superior quality, choose Weevil-Cide fumigant from UPI.

ECO2FUME® Phosphine Fumigant

ECO2FUME® is a cylinderized ready-to-use, nonflammable mixture of phosphine and carbon dioxide for use in fumigation of post-harvest products or storage structures.
ECO2FUME® enables effective fumigation in a wide variety of sealed storage applications when used in accordance with the label. It is dispensed external to storage or structures using simple techniques that avoid fumigator exposure and eliminate confined space entry.

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